Saturday, June 2, 2007

UKIP confusion over Good Friday agreement

Fred McGlade, Chairman of UKIP North Lancashire Branch, wrote in the letters page of the latest edition of the UKIP journal 'Independence' (page 24, issue number 70, May 2007):

"This so-called "Good Friday" agreement, nothing more than a surrender to the IRA, has led us to the sight of Ian Paisley sitting a few feet from Gerry Adams apparently reacing an agreement over power sharing in the province. This was, in my opinion, pitiful. Adams, as always making a point, wore an Easter Lily commemorating the 1916 subversive hooliganism inflicted on a few back streets of Dublin. He is subtle as a rash or impetigo and considerable nastier.

The referendum to be held at Easter 2016 will see the end of Ulster as we know it and the completion of an act of treachery on the people of Northern Ireland. It now seems nothing stands in the way of the destruction of the lives, culture and beliefs of a group of British subjects whose only crime was loyalty. These are sad times which we will live to regret."

In contrast, the following appeared on the official UKIP website on 8.5.2007:

“David Campbell Bannerman, Deputy Leader of UKIP, welcomed the new Northern Ireland Assembly on 8th May. David is the former Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, 1996-97, and served in Government when the Peace Process began in earnest, and was present when the Stormont talks between the parties began. David comments:

"I am personally delighted to see the Northern Ireland Assembly meet, and to witness the remarkable spectacle of representatives of both sides of this divided community coming together. I earnestly hope they will work together harmoniously and peacefully for the good of everyone in Northern Ireland. Full credit should be paid to the many who have worked so hard and so courageously to achieve this outcome."
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