Tuesday, September 4, 2007

UKIP as popular a nuclear waste

The latest ICM poll published by the Guardian doesn't even show UKIP registering a single point. Not a single respondent said the party would be their choice at the next election.

Even more surprising is that this poll was carried while the EU reform treaty was making headline news. With levels of Eurosceptism still extremely high in the UK, UKIP should be enjoying is most buoyant time since its 2004 election success, yet it seems not even to be registering on the radar of most of the electorate. A moderator on UKIP's biggest unofficial web forum blamed the parties miserable performance on the "fraudsters and madmen" in the party who "beset us with their pet obsessions".

The news led prominent UKIP blogger and Woking's UKIP PPC, Matt Davies, to describe UKIP as "a sinking ship" ... "irrelevant and beaten". Our sentiments exactly Matt.
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