Wednesday, September 5, 2007

UKIP Councillor Stephen Allison - useless and misleading...

Pity the poor electorate who voted for the United Kingdom Independence Party and elected Councillor Stephen Allison as their representative on Hartlepool Council.

It should come as no surprise that Councillor Allison could only be bothered to attend 7 of the 111 council meetings he was supposed to attend, despite pocketing a yearly allowance of £5,410 - or £772.85p for every meeting attended.

It should come as no surprise that yet another UKIP politician is exposed as having their greedy snout deep in the trough of hard earned taxpayers money while failing the very electorate who put their trust in UKIP and elected this wastrel as their elected Representative on Hartlepool Council.

It also appears that Councillor Allison is fond of threatening people with his solicitors when they question exactly where he lives as this interesting email exchange on the 'High Tax Hartelpool' website shows.
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