Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another fine cock up by UKIP!

Thursday 18th October, 273 residents (18%) of the picturesque Shaldon voted in a parish poll for a referendum on the EU, at a cost of £600 of their money, with the wrong question!

UKIP front oranisation CARP (or should that be CRAP) triggered a parish poll in Shaldon using a little known clause in the Local Government Act 1972 . But instead of calling for a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty, the question on the ballot was on the current EU Constitutional Treaty – which is moribund after the French rejected it. Prime Minister Gordon Brown say he will hold a referendum if the Constitutional Treaty ever comes back, anyway, rendering the whole process irrelevant.

Shaldon's Liberal Democrat County Councillor, David Cox said "I'm guessing the organisers of this poll really wanted a referendum on the Reform Treaty, instead they have confused matters and delivered a great propaganda victory to the opponents of a referendum with this mix-up. Whilst I favour a referendum on the Reform Treaty, I think parish polls should be used sparingly for parish matters - not national issues."

Trevor Coleman (see only UKIP in the Village) tried to claim it was the same treaty; however sadly for not-so-clever Trevor the UKIP website labels a 'Youtube' clip as "Trever Coleman explaines the Reform Treaty campaign for a referendum"

It seems UKIP isn't content with wasting public money via its MEPs and councillors. £600 pounds may not seem a lot, but in a small parish it would be better spent on the Cubs or Brownies than ham-fisted UKIP propaganda.
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

UKIP@HOME is back!

UKIP@HOME is back under new management!
The Blog is undergoing some changes and hopes to be back up properly in the next few days.

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